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Hi! These are lovely, and I'm interested in using this bundle for a commercial (but very indie) game, and I wanted to know what license restrictions it has.

Specifically: Can it be used for commercial stuff? What kind of attribution do you want? And am I allowed to alter the images (examples: offering a different color scheme for the colorblind, showing two half-gems as one gem, etc)?


I would very much like to include your gaming assets in a Nintendo Switch product we are looking to launch later this year.

Please see

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is a games programming environment for the Switch. The main reason for it is to provide an accessible coding platform for young  people to learn to code. As well as  a standard Nintendo e-shop release we will be using it to run our FUZE Coding Workshops in schools  around the UK.

We need content we can include and in return we include details about the artists in the product. If fact the artist's logo and  bio are given a very high profile.

The  product will be expanded to Android and Playstation etc. so we hope to generate a lot of interest.

We include a modified license to best protect both you, the artist and us, the developer. The main clause in the agreement is that the end-user is not allowed to redistribute any of the content in a standalone format.

If you would like to see your work included then please contact me at

I can send a more formal proposal and a copy of the intended license.

There are additional opportunities in that we will release DLC expansion packs with more specific and targeted content.  These packs will be sold under a royalty agreement so the contributing artist will be remunerated. 

I hope to hear from you

Best  regards and many  thanks

Jon Silvera FUZE Technologies Ltd